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About us

Eire Og Seville

Eire Og Seville is a gaelic football club based in Seville and formed all the way back in 2009.

The club was created for people living in Seville, with the idea of  introducing gaelic football to Sevillanos, keeping fit, having a bit of craic and (ahem) winning the Iberian GAA Championships.

The current panel contains a mix of Irish, Spanish, Swedish and English members. We’ve a mens and women’s team, and play in green and red jerseys – incorporating the best and worst of Seville’s sporting colours.


As Eire Og Seville was only formed last year, it has not had much time yet to generate a great history. The club played it’s first friendly match in February 2010 away against Costa Gaels, and took part in the Marbella and Madrid rounds of the 2010 Iberian Championships – reaching the semis in Madrid before narrowly losing to Valencia.


Eire Og Seville will host the first round of next year’s Iberian Championship which we are very excited about. It will take place in Seville on the 19th February, with teams coming from all over Spain to compete. The full line up is yet to be confirmed, however it looks like we’ll have seven men’s teams – with Seville, Marbella, Valencia, Barcelona, Pamplona, Madrid and La Coruña all planning on coming – along with four ladies teams – Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and hopefully ourselves too.

About Gaelic Football

Played correctly, gaelic football is a fast, hard game including a combination of skills incorporating kicking, catching, running, hand-passing, a bit more running and even some wrestling / handbags from time to time. It is a bit like a mix of soccer, rugby, basketball and handball, but also it’s not really like any of those at all. For more about the game’s rules and tactics, check out this very handy YouTube video produced by our rivals, the Barcelona Gaels. For much, much more on the GAA – try the official website of the GAA.

Join us

As a recently formed club, Eire Og Seville is on the lookout for new players. Training is every Sunday morning at our new home at the Instalaciones Deportivas La Cartuja between Parque Alamillo and the Estadio Olimpico. Click here for a map. All you need is basic hand-eye co-ordination, some enthusiasm and a pair of astro boots. Email or check out our facebook page, if you want to come along. Former county minor panelists, Junior B drinkers, complete beginners, English people, all are welcome. Alternatively drop in to Merchant’s Malt House pub in Seville city centre and just ask for more info at the bar.

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  1. Martin O'Hara permalink
    July 25, 2010 10:54 pm

    Was looking up the Eire Og website tonight and came across your site in Seville. I’m involved in the Eire Og Cycling Club, Sligo and interesting enough my daughter is getting married in Seville in September. Do you have a meeting point (bar etc.) so we could dock in. There may be a few footballers among the party who are staying in Mile Sevilla.

    • Conor Guckian permalink
      July 31, 2010 2:23 pm

      Hi Martin.
      Yes we have our meeting point in Merchants Malthouse. A few of the team members work there including myself. Whenever your in Seville let us know by either dropping into the bar or you can e-mail me at If the few footballers traveling with would like to play a game that would be great even its only a handful we could still arrange a little game.


      • January 23, 2013 1:00 pm

        I understand that Eire Og are to play a ‘demonstration’ match during a LaLiga game this week? Will it be televised? Any available info, please.


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